27 September 2012

FaVorable Food is on Facebook: Finally

I've been reluctant for FaVorable Food to be on "The Facebook" as my mother calls it.

THE Facebook.

My reluctance has mainly been that all the other blogs that have Facebook pages simply just regurgitate what is on the blog already. So then I thought: "Does our page has to be like that?" The answer was eventually, "No. Our page can be whatever we want it to be." Then I dropped it from my little grey cells.

Lately, I've wanted to talk about things that I've encountered on the web, what our family has done, or share pictures and ideas that just don't fit neatly in the blog. This got me thinking about The Facebook again. Finally, I decided FaVorable Food should have a page.

I humbly ask you to "like" our page. You can do so by clicking this link or clicking the Facebook coffee cup at the far right of the screen.

This is what you'll find on our Page:

  • Posts from the blog;
  • Links to other peoples' ideas, recipes, and knowledge; 
  • More pictures, comments about what goes on at Casa Walczak; 
  • My feel good music recommendations (Hubby likes depressing music...I need feel good, motivating music);
  • and More if the mood strikes. 

There. That's it. The sales pitch is over. I'll see you on The Facebook. But not my mother. She's not on The Facebook.

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