26 September 2012

Leftover Gourmet: Roasted Open Face Chicken Sandwich with Avocado

Here at Casa Walczak I'm attempting to implement all things "old fashioned." I'm researching the appropriate canning instruments to start canning in preparation for winter. I've started to freeze fresh vegetables purchased from the farmers' market every weekend like a stock piling squirrel. Hubby (obviously inspired by my old fashioned "can do!" attitude) said: "Why don't we start having a Sunday dinner." Are you old enough to remember Sunday Dinners? Big special dinners, served at around 3 o'clock in the afternoon with family members. Well, we aren't up to inviting the in-laws yet. Heck! We are HOURS late of the 3:00 pm dinner time. But we're getting the more complex special meal down. That's a start. This is where this sandwich came from.

It's a leftover creation from the 3 hour French stuffed roasted chicken recipe (specifically Poulet Roti Farci au Riz et aux Figues translation Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Rice and Figs) I cooked from The Provence Cookbook by Patricia Wells.  If you get an opportunity to cook a roasted chicken, this recipe will not disappoint. The meat was falling from the bone. What I love about the French is their appropriate use of the meat fat in any recipe that puts the dish over the top.

Americans be warned.
The fat you so willingly, yet erroneously eschew, will keep you begging for more.

As you know you can never really re-live the abundant taste of a dish the following day after it's been cold all night. So you must accept it for what it now is, & make it anew. That's were this open faced sandwich came in. Simple concept, good bread, meat, & vegetables (okay technically avocado is a fruit, I know)..with a boost of moisture. Voila. You've got a pretty good leftover lunch or dinner. But don't spend three hours roasting a chicken just for this sandwich. Rather, roast a chicken for the chicken's sake!

Roasted Open Face Chicken Sandwich with Avocado
serves 1

1 large center piece of Artisan Pumpernickel Bread
1 ounce Lemonaise (or mayo)
3-4 ounces organic free range Chicken; roasted
1/2 Avocado, sliced in multiple lengthwise pieces
Sea Salt

Lay the slice of bread on a plate. Spread the Lemonaise (or mayo) over the bread. Add the chicken. Place multiple slices of avocado across the length of the bread. Add salt and pepper to taste. Dig in!

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