27 September 2012

Ode to Summer

I hate to admit that I have a serious complaining streak on certain things. Weather happens to be one of them. I complain when it's too cold in winter, & wish for summer.  I complain when it's too hot, and wish for fall. And...now lucky you, I'm going to complain it's getting to cold to fast, & I miss summer.


Tell me some of you are like this too.

Really, what I am missing right now about summer is the music & movies in the park. I miss the packed lake side restaurant with the enormously long lines. I also miss eating ice cream on a hot summer day, which is a perfect summer cooler. I miss the pool.

So here is my Ode to Summer:

Summer I miss You.
I took you for granted,
blocked you out with air condition
did not take advantage of all you had to offer.
But this promise I make to you.
I'll re-read this as you welcome me back next year
to remind me to appreciate all you selflessly give to me.

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