06 September 2012

Oh Where, Oh Where, Have We Gone...

In one short word we've gone Gardening. That's right! Actually our family & home are undergoing some major transitions, renovations, & I'll venture to say-reconstruction. Some of them have been planned, like the remodel of the exterior of our entire home & the excavation of the previous homeowners garden to the creation of our own. Others I believe are God created opportunities masking themselves like complete professional disasters for Hubby & I (at the same time). This is ONLY a TEST!! Which I often have to remind myself of daily.

Meanwhile,  what we have been attempting to do, & is in our control, is the garden. Like all good gardening novices we started early each morning with the pull outs (of bushes, shrubs, and weeds), some of which proved too difficult without a neighbor's truck on a lawn with an attached chain wrapped around the now offending plant. We diligently have been amending our sandy soil with organic black dirt & manure. We've moved the rose bushes, lilly's and spirea, & added some cuttings from other giving good friends/neighbors. It is exhausting! Gym visits are unnecessary if you are a gardener, I now realize. We have done anything but eat well this past month in our physically & emotionally tired states. Did I happen to mention we had Henri's frenemy, Kuma at our home for a month (due to his mommy's health issue). Another unexpected, but this time pleasant surprise (despite the couple times he made a rebellious pee in the house & nipped Hubby's finger-& attempted mine). But it's all coming together...ALL of it. I think our job is just to set the goal, do what we can, & the details on how we get there are in His hands.

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