20 September 2012

Our Trip to the Farm

In our neck of the woods...there is a place called Tangletown Gardens that sells the most wonderful garden offerings. Directly across the street is a restaurant called Wiseacre, owned by Tangletown Gardens. While contemplating our CSA for the year, we saw the Tangletown Farm Tour invite. If you don't know this about me...I LOVE farms. Hubby's fear is that I live out my dream of becoming a hobby farmer. I think I began to love farms & have an appreciation for farmers when I was working on class action litigation on behalf of  farmers against the USDA. Years later, since I have developed a curiosity & desire to know how my food is raised & processed, I love the small farmers (local to me or not) who are doing things the old fashioned safe way to feed our country.

Hubby and I set sail in the Volkswagon to Tangletown Farms, about one hour outside of the city. We had no  address to get to, just road directions (spoken like a real city gal, right?). But I spotted the location right away from the road. I was tipped off by the BMWs, Mercedes, and other luxury sedans very much out of place. The city had definitively taken over the country! The farm was prepared though, with a nice farm made lunch of homegrown hot dogs, sausages,& potato salad, and rows of umbrellas with wooden chairs & haystacks as tables.

We hit the hayride after lunch. This brought back memories of my father/daughter hayrides during my middle school years. Riding with my dad in late October with all my school friends and their fathers. Getting colder & colder as the evening wore on, not understanding why the dang horse couldn't move faster to the barn! But this hayride wasn't like that, thank God. The owner lead the tour. He told us how things picked from the field that morning, were all eaten at the restaurant  by the end of the evening. The great animals we saw roaming about freely ate what they were suppose to eat, then we would eat them. I know for some of you that's a terrible thought. But it is the circle of agricultural life.

After our tour we wandered around a bit. Took more pictures. Drank more beer (hubby) lemonade & mint water (me), & old fashioned (blackcherry) soda (okay....mainly me). We, like the other city visitors overstayed our welcome. The event was slated to end at 1:00 p.m, but we didn't leave for another hour. There were plenty more people & and their families soaking it all in under the white umbrellas when we drove away. Unfortunately for Hubby, the tour did nothing to quench my hobby farm desire. No sir, it did not.

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