14 September 2012

Someone Had a Birthday

It was very exciting for someone here at Casa Walczak this week...because they turned eight. We'll ignore that fact that eight actually translates to fif...ahem...something years old. It was Henri!

Without a doubt, Henri thought Monday was just was another day. Especially given that we had actually never celebrated his "birthday" before in five years (we rescued Henri from doggie death row if you are unaware. Otherwise known as the Humane Society).

"Bad doggie parents. Bad!"

Henri's smart. He can measure the degree of celebration by the table food and doggie snacks he gets. I think he knew this day was a biggie. When he smelled the doggie whoopie pie from Lulu & Luigi he went crazy. The above was the best picture I could get of him..he could not be still & stop barking even through the candle lighting, & birthday song. He simply refused to calm down enough to blow out the candle, so Hubby & I did it for him.

Well I know he thoroughly enjoyed his birthday pie, because as with all treasured snacks, he took it in his mouth. He strolled to his bed. He licked the pie a while. Then...he dug in like a wild animal eating prey. I had some pictures, but this is family blog. They were too gruesome to show here.

Anyway. Henri if you're reading this. We Love YOU!!! Happy Birthday!

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