09 September 2012

Sunday's Best

I've noticed something very interesting lately about me. First, I like family...people in general.

I always knew this, but it came to light when I was attempting to slice through all my bookmarks (30 is way too many blogs to "read" daily). I eliminated all the ones, about fashion, beauty (essentially the ones with the subliminal messages regarding not having or being enough. Oh yes, & the ones where people think they are fashion stylists with the Vogue closet & insist on taking pictures of their daily wears on the street. Please!!) I noticed a surprising trend. I kept the bookmarks of the blogs with pictures by the bloggers themselves of themselves, their families &/or the places they have seen.

Secondly, I really love sustainability. That was not so much of an epiphany as a segue...

My Sunday's Best is Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth. For purposes of complete disclosure I've only read the first 60 pages so far. Yet, the premise is what I adore. One family's journey to get closer to one another & save the earth. Don't worry, you don't have to be Amish to do so. No, Nancy Sleeth has not given me blogger swag to endorse her partially read book to the 10s of you. I just thought that if you like family, find people fascinating, are so over consumption, & are curious (or downright gung-ho about sustainability) you might like it.

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