28 September 2012

Weekend Recipe

I'm on a very deliberate voyage of self-discovery. Maybe due to circumstances. Maybe due to my rapidly approaching birthday. No matter. I'm attempting to ask the hard questions. Why am the way I am? Why do I think the way I do? Why do I act the way I act? Why am I doing the things I'm doing? Who do I envision myself to be (in the quite alone hours) & how do I get there? While those questions require time, patience & truth...I've stumbled on some wisdom that will help me get to the future I want. It may be helpful to you.

It's important to know your past. Then let go.
You can never be anything new, if you keep being the old you.
Anything that's not serving you, you are free to discard.
The baggage of self-loathing, self-pity, anger, distrust, disappointments &c. are expensive & cumbersome luggage to carry around everywhere you go. 
Leave them with no forwarding address.
If you're really negative, just think you can get a whole new set on your next journey. 

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