01 October 2012

Monday Morning Recipe

Remember how hard it was learning how to add & subtract when you were young? I do. Although I'm inclined to say "take away."

About a month ago I asked Hubby something like, "What is 579 take away 284?"

Hubby looked at me in bewilderment & said, "Who says 'take away' any more? How old are you?"

Age aside...

As time went on, adding & subtracting became easier.

But then as I've gotten older all of this good...seemingly good...which turned out to be crap...just got added to life. Without my help, mind you (oaky with my help). Now, some of it's just not adding up. Maybe not be for you too. Now it's time to "take away."

Sometimes easier said then done.

But just like when we began learning how to add & subtract, it got easier. Remember just how happy we were when we added & subtracted consciously & it came it right! We can get back to those days. I swear!!

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