15 October 2012

Monday Morning Recipe

When I happened among this quote it came exactly at the right time. Maybe you, like me struggle with wanting things to happen right away. Now! I have that nagging need a lot in my personal life. But in business I know it's always quality over speed. I live by it (in business), & it has not set me wrong. So here is my Monday Morning advice for you...& me. Don't rush it, any of it! The things we want, that will last, take time. Becoming who we want to be, takes time. Making a beautiful, life, home, marriage & career...takes time. All we need to do is be thoughtful, & do the absolute best we can when we can do it. Most often we can do the best most of the time. When quality is developed it outlasts the test of time. Then we & everyone else are never disappointed.

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