30 October 2012

Walnut, Cranberry & Gorgonzola Salad

Sometimes days call for quick & easy & most importantly, delicious food. I have to admit I cannot get enough of this salad. I served it for lunch 2 or 3 times last week. While Hubby really likes the salad, he let me know that he hit his threshold. But it's really chef's choice. Isn't it. It's not only the combination of ingredients which is so good, but also the White French dressing I serve with it. Go to your local market & find this dressing. You will not be disappointed.

Like I said, this is quick, tasty, easy, & did I mention full of protein (& some healthy fat) from the walnuts. Here is what you need: Romaine Lettuce, Walnuts (whole & then chopped), Dried Cranberries, & Gorgonzola. Add in quantities you desire. Mix thoroughly. Add White French dressing on top!

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