14 November 2012

Almond, Pepper Jack & Seeded Bread Salad

I take a ballet class every weekend. After spending 1 hour at the barre, in front of a mirror (unfortunately in constant critique) the only thing I want to do after, is eat somewhat well. This was a little salad I made after 1 1/2 hours of class. It has very few ingredients with a lot of punch. While some like croutons. I have to admit I'm not a fan of toasted bread (with the exception of crostini). But I love bread. Scratch that. I love a good dense wheat or sprouted bread with seeds. It's a nice addition to any salad, especially this one.

Almond, Pepper Jack & Seeded Bread Salad (serves 1): Romaine Lettuce; Slivered Almonds; Pepper Jack Cheese; One Slice Seeded Wheat or Sprouted Bread, cubed. Combine ingredients in your desired amount. Add your favorite salad dressing. Eat & feel good about yourself!!!

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