06 November 2012

Buttery Grits with Shrimp

We always eat breakfast here at Casa Walczak. But it is so easy for us to get in a rut. Our usual is eggs & potatoes (or as I like to call them...thigh increasers). Lately we've been making a concerted effort to vary our meal choices & plan meals for the entire week. So to get away from E & P, we've added grits & shrimp to the break-the-fast menu.

I know, I know. No self respecting southern eats instant grits. I've seen My Cousin Vinny too. But first, I live in the north (only a a half day's drive to the Canadian border...I think. Canadian border hanging is not really our thing). Second, during a week day morning I don't have time for southern grit making. This is why this dish works so well. It's quick...hence the adjective "instant" before grits. Furthermore, it's shrimp for breakfast. How could you not love that!

Buttery Grits with Shrimp: 1 cup dried Instant Grits (I use Bob's Red Mill White Grits), cooked according to the directions; 1/4 pre-cooked Shrimp, cut into small pieces; 2 tablespoons Butter; Salt and Pepper. Directions: Add the shrimp and butter to the cook grits in their pot. Stir. Let stand covered for 5-10 minutes. Add salt and pepper in your desired amount. Serve!

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