26 November 2012

Creativity Part 1: Where to Start

I love being creative. I love starting from nothing & creating something, whether it be a dinner, a good pastry, an article, or a blog. All of which I'm proud to stay I  have done. I believe everyone is meant to be a creator. In my humble opinion the root of all unhappiness is the failure to create, or creating the wrong thing! Every creator is different as to how they go about creating (& obviously what they create). Some have original ideas galore in their minds. Others, have to be inspired by others' ideas & inject their originality into it. At any given time I have some of both, all of one, or little of either. What I have realized is that I must document my ideas immediately or 95% of them are lost forever. I put those visuals (drawings, pictures, or writing) in a bound sketch book.

The above picture is a visual of my creative process for this blog, my home, my personal fashion style & just all round living. Because I am such a magazine horder, when the time comes to purge, it's a great time to create. I tear out sheets of images, fonts, quotes &c..that I want to find, make or inspire me. I put them in piles. The smaller images I cut out & glue stick to the sketch pad creating pages of collages. The larges tear sheets, such as the holiday recipes & gift ideas (above) I'll scan & put into the cloud & my hard drive. Sometimes we crate all these rules on how to create, at least I do. Then what happens is we don't create! At least I do. But here is one "rule" I think will actually help your creative process. Just keep testing the waters until you find what works for you to keep your inspiration, & ideas organized. Don't be afraid to combine paper & digital storing formats. It's your life. Create it how you want!

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