28 November 2012

Home Winter/Holiday Decorating Ideas

Are you as excited about the holidays as I am? We have not officially started decorating our house yet. December 1 will be our start. I don't only love the holidays, I also love the winter season. Last weekend Hubby & I went to the Ideas House in our fair city. Each season the Ideas House is recreated inside & out with creative decor ideas. I wish I could do that with Casa Walczak! Here are some of my favorite ideas to try & inspirations to build on. I hope these inspire your home!

I love the mantel above with the stocking holder picture frames to mark whose stocking is whose with a photo. The alternating height of the taper and pillar candles is great. I can imagine the vibrant glow of a dark room only lighted by the candles & fire on a cold winter night. To me a packed mantel signifies a lived in home!

The most creative I've gotten with our house numbers is seeking out changes in color & the font. Who knew wooden house numbers set on old skies could look so great. I'll have to copy this idea or adapt it to our home & style!

I thought this idea was creatively genius when I realized what this was. Hidden behind this framed structure that opens, with vintage picture covering it...is a flat screen television! So when the television is closed you have ready made photography on the wall. Love it!!

For some reason I imagine this in a little child's room so they can always have their loved ones looking over them. It's simply a painted tree on a wall with picture frames hung by ribbon on the branches. How sweet!

I've been home decor challenged, obviously. I always assumed planters had to be large structures on the ground, made of bronze or copper (or faux either). But this is a saddle bag that was attached to the outside of the home & gussied up for the holidays. This is probably my favorite, along with all the others. What is your favorite idea from the Ideas House?

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