11 November 2012


We have a new addition at Casa Walczak. How he came to be here...well that's a story for family & close friends. Suffice it to say, there is a moratorium on dog rescuing here for quite some time. But he is here. He's our's....& his name is Finni (pronounced Fin-Knee). Here are the vital stats from Finni himself:

Breed: West Highland Terrier
Age: Four (4)
Height: Short
Weight: 20-30 lbs  (I'm not obsessed with weight)
Birth place: Breeder somewhere in America
Former place of residence: Vero Beach, Florida 
Current place of residence: Casa Walczak, Minnesota 
(Un)Preferred way of travel: Delta Steerage (a/k/a cargo) in a dogie kennel
Hobbies: Pacing the floor, Staring at new owners
Pass time: Playing with Henri, Running from new owners
Passion: Darting out of doors & having new owners call "Finni come" & not complying
Hates: Dogie time outs for living my Passion
Odd behaviors: Consistent licking of air, because something good has got to be there
General demeanor: Confusion (Do I live here now?); Excitement; Defiance; Cuteness (I break it out when it seems the lady of the house's nerves are about to give)
Strengths: Taking walks; Sitting before diving into meals; Fast runner; Not much of a barker
Weaknesses: Sitting on command any other time (except for meals), Fast Runner
Needs to let go of: Alpha Dog Syndrome, Snapping/Biting, (in their opinion)
Ah ha moment: Being here is not temporary 

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