27 November 2012

Leftover Gourmet: After Thanksgiving Turkey Shepherd's Pie

I don't know about your house, but it feels like here at Casa Walczak we may be eating leftover turkey for years. A 10 pound bird for 4 people was really too much. But we got caught up in the Thanksgiving thrill of it all. Because we has so much bird left, & green beans, & mashed potatoes & stuffing. I had to get creatively good. That is cook something creative, & make it good, using ingredients that can easily become "I've had enough of this" fare. This After Thanksgiving Turkey Shepherd's Pie, is good. It almost taste like a pot pie if you don't let the pie crust get brown or the mashed potatoes (unlike the picture above...which I have to admit was our second pie in two days). This is what you need.

Ingredients: 1 pre-made 9- inch Pie Crust; Left over Turkey Meat (white &/or dark) cut into small pieces; leftover Green Beans chopped into small pieces, or Peas; 7-8 ounces of canned Cream of Mushroom Soup; and leftover Mashed Potatoes.

Directions: Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. In a small bowl combine the turkey and mushroom soup. You want enough turkey so that when you stir the turkey with the soup the turkey "absorbs" all the soup so that no soup is collecting at the bottom of the bowl. Place the turkey soup mixture into the pie crust. Then add the green beans or peas (in your desired amount) on top of the turkey. Top off the pie with mashed potatoes, making sure they cover the whole surface of the pie. Place the pie into the oven and cook for approximately 30-35 minutes (cooking times will vary with ovens). At the low temperature the pie crust and the potatoes should not brown. But if they do, it's okay. The pie just won't be as "doughy" and pot pie like, but more like how a shepherd's pie should be prepared.  Take the pie out of the oven. Cut into slices. Serve. I promise you will not get sick of this dish!

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