12 November 2012

Monday Morning Recipe

I thought on this Veteran's Day here in America, we'd talk about courage. It takes courage to join the military & decide to defend a county. Mainly because the outcome of the decision remains unknown. For some, they never see combat, for others they do...& come home. Still others, don't come home. Hubby comes from a military line (although he fails to see it that way). His dad fought in Korea, Hubby & his older brother were in the Marines, & his younger brother did two tours in Iraq. Courage runs in Hubby's blood line. It's obvious. But if we dig deep enough, courage runs in all of our blood lines. Courage only becomes obvious, like in Hubby's family, when you leave the shore. When you leave what you know, for something you don't. No one is required to understand the voyage or the reason for it. Just you. You can cross the ocean. You can get to the island of your dreams. The promise land. You are well able! You just have to be willing to lose site of the shore.

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