19 November 2012

Monday Morning Recipe

Are you old enough to remember That Girl starring Marlo Thomas? I am, but admittedly, barely. I think I saw them in reruns. What I remember of that show, was a single young working women, who was quirky, & decidedly put her foot in it, on more than one occasion. And she was unapologetically herself. What a great role model (assuming I'm remembering the show correctly)! But this isn't about being Marlo Thomas' That Girl, but about being THAT GIRL...whether the tone is "positive" or "negative." What's wrong with being THAT GIRL who stuck her foot in it. At least her feet are moving! What's wrong with being THAT GIRL who started the best online cupcake store in little town U.S.A. (Canada, Japan...you get my meaning). Nothing! Because if someone's calling you THAT GIRL, you've got the world's attention (even if it's a small part of the world). I think I'd rather be recognized for the faults, failures & successes that accompany the remark "So you're THAT GIRL." as oppose to not doing anything to get recognized at all. Anyway, life is more exciting if you can respond: "Yes! I'm THAT GIRL!"

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