26 November 2012

Monday Morning Recipe

Another Monday. Have you realized that, this happens quite often? Too often in fact for you or I to be dreading it. So here is the plan for you to have a good day. "Crush it!" If you're a fan of the show New Girl, you'll understand the reference. But if you're not here is the explanation.

Jessica, one of Schmidt's roommates was recently laid off from her teaching job. She started working part-time at some teenagery burger joint as a result. But, she was not looking for another teaching job in her spare time (a profession that she loved). Her roommates, frustrated, after coming home from work, asked her what she had done all day. Not having a very productive answer for them, Schmidt said, "You know what I did today Jess? I crushed it. I crushed it all day long!" I like that attitude! It's a good one. I guess everyday for Schmidt is a good day, due to his confidence. So how about you? Why don't you, Crush it, today!

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