10 December 2012

12 Movies of Christmas: #10...It's A Wonderful Life

Any Christmas lover would know instantaneously that this movie would make the cut. Why shouldn't it? It has the late great Henry Fonda and the lovely Donna Reed to name a couple. More importantly what I love about this movie is it reminds us that we, as individuals matter. That we have an impact on the people around us. Most often, if we let people into our troubles (which we so often don't do because we presume they won't care, or we're embarrassed at our predicament), they're more then willing to do what they can to help.

It's a Wonderful Life may have been released in 1946, but it's message holds so true today. Life has a way of starting out great (& it can stay that way if we're vigilant), but if were not careful the responsibilities which we so desired at one time, become perceived shackles that need supporting. We, like our main character George think that the supporting comes in the form of money, when all his family & this life really needed was George.

Some might find my enthusiasm for this movie "hookie." But...I don't really care. Because the messages are so great in it. If we were not here, nothing, & I mean nothing, would be the same..even the things we believe we have nothing to do with. To bring it all home, isn't it nice to believe that in our deepest darkest hour there's a Clarence for all of us, whether he (or she) is a rookie angel or not. This movie also reminds us that just when we think it's all going to pot...there they are Family & Friends, if you just let them in. 

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