25 December 2012

12 Movies of Christmas: #1...The Holiday

As I said at movie #12, this list is not in order of favorites. It's just 12 of my favorite movies in no particular order. But I have to admit I love The Holiday. I think it's been every girl {& boy's} dream to leave where they live for just a while to get a break from their old bad habits, an old flame...& well just become someone "different." Who could not love the Amanda Woods & Iris switch, both attractive, smart, & forlorn in love on either side of the pond.

Then, as any great American holiday movie should have it, the main characters fall in love. But not without some complications & old bad habits creeping in. But as this time would have it, a miracle happens & all is well. Oh The Holiday (s)....Christmas in particular, it's base is really about love.

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