24 December 2012

12 Movies of Christmas: #2...The Family Man

I have to admit I completely forgot about this movie, until we were at a recent holiday party & we had a quiz  about Christmas movies. I adore this movie. I can't even tell you how many time's I've seen it, but not lately {but that will change very soon}. I love movies like The Family Man that explore a character's different life if the missed train were caught, or they had said "Yes" to a college sweet heart. How would life have changed? Would it be better, would it be worse, or the same? Instead of driving myself crazy about the what-if's in my life...I gravitate to movies like this in order to keep my sanity in check.

The family man is about a high-powered, wealthy, single, Manhattanite, investment banker called Jack {that's a mouth full} who happens on an angel, who appears anything but, during a robbery. The angel, Cash, is a tester of sorts for mankind {Cash will definitely get you thinking about the most minor of decisions you make}. Due to Jack's actions during the robbery, the angel gives him a gift. To Jack, it seems more of a nightmare...as the life he knew suddenly disappears & he wakes to a wife & children in bowling league suburbia. I can't explain to you how GREAT this movie is! Just find it. It will not disappoint!

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