23 December 2012

12 Movies of Christmas: #3...The Family Stone

Almost all of us have been there. The meeting of the family. I remember when I first met Hubby's family...it was nerve racking. The worst part is, you know it's just one big protracted interview. Then the family will convene when you leave & talk about you. At least in The Family Stone, the family have the manners to say to the new girl, Meredith, who is visiting her finance's family for the first time, that they'll be talking about her when she leaves the room. But I have to say, at least when I met Hubby's family I did not have Meredith's annoying throat clearing tick...it's hard to watch in the movie. This is such a great holiday film, because it's about family, what it is, how it grows, & all the awkwardness & absurdity of it. Plus it's about confronting your accusers. I Love the family stone. I'm just glad my experience meeting Hubby's family was not like this movie!

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