22 December 2012

12 Movies of Christmas: #4...Last Holiday

If you've been reading this blog for at least a year, or you live with me {which most of you don't} you know how much I LOVE this movie, Last Holiday. No, it's not Oscar worthy. But it's funny. You can go here to read my prior gushing opinion about this celluloid beauty {are films still made on celluloid or am I talking like someone who remembers when the "talkies" overtook silent film?}. So I'll keep this short. This is a great Christmas into New Year movie. It will make you want to enjoy the time you have & the time to come. It will make you look fear in the face & say "What are you look'in at?" Dirty Harry style. Live it! Love It! Life! It could be your Last Holiday. I mean...I really don't believe it is. I was just trying to do a movie related quip.

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