19 December 2012

12 Movies of Christmas: #6...Home Alone 1

It really should be a tragic story. A child named Kevin hounded by his siblings, then left by them & his own parents (because the child just slipped their little minds) while venturing on a Christmas holiday. Meanwhile, as Kevin is Home Alone he falls to prey to a home invasion. But somehow Hollywood made this funny. And I'm not embarrassed to say, that despite knowing how this ends, I still love this movie. It came out well past my young adolescent years & over 2 decades later...I still dig it!

Yes. It has the good guy, bad guys motif. Of course the young 10 or 11 year old kid is going to stick it to the burglars in the end, using creative devices that adults would bypass & simply call the police or go to the local station. Beside the obviousness, Home Alone keeps you entertained. And dare I say rooting for the kid...of course.

Maybe, just maybe, the movie taps into our secret desires, to leave a difficult kid behind for a break or be left alone by your parents {at any age} to simply do what you want on Christmas {minus all the ensuing drama of home invasion & future Children In Need of Protective Services actions}. I don't know. It's a fun farce. While I have to admit I never saw Home Alone 2 or 3 {I was content on leaving well alone}, I find it hard to believe they would compare to this original holiday classic movie. : )

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