16 December 2012

12 Movies of Christmas: #7...Miracle on 34th Street

Here is another oldie but a goody. To be honest my like of this movie has grown over my adulthood. I first saw Miracle on 34th Street as a child. My mother is a rather closeted old movie buff. So really, having to watch this black & white film, was just pure torture for me. Apparently though, my mother was not the only one who loved this movie...so did the television networks! So in times of boredom I would watch it. Then eventually I grew to like it. It is quintessentially America. What other movie would tie in, consumerism, pessimism, & then miracle(ism)?

But in America, where would you find a child, called Susan who does not believe in Santa (the little secret her mother told her). But she encounters the real Santa, who just happens to work at the local Manhattan department store. Everyone being so sure that Santa, Christopher Kringle via "birth certificate", is literally crazy for believing himself to be Santa, is then put on trial for his belief (I'm shocked it was not a civil commitment hearing-that's the jaded attorney in me). Out of that trial comes...well, belief. Only in the movies, right? No really, despite my sarcasm Miracle on 34th Street it is a good tale. A Christmas classic. One I rarely ever miss during the holiday season. Maybe it's because I like a good trial!

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