27 December 2012

Design-It-Yourself {DIY} Life: Plaque Makeover

Merry post Christmas! I hope the special day was lovely. Now we have the New Year to look forward to. A chance for new beginnings. All though to be honest, a new beginning can start anywhere at any time, during any hour of any day. This project was the start of the "pre" New Year's promises to myself...but later on that. When we were in Florida this year, Hubby's mother loaded us up with a few things, one of which was this Art of Marriage plaque. I loved the message, but was not so keen on the packaging. So I thought why not change it. That way it's more prone to have a predominate place in our home, which is what I wanted. I challenge you to look around & makeover some things in your home, that could use a face lift.

This was the plaque in its original form...a little dated. Don't you think?

Here are the tools I used for the makeover. 1) Paint, 2) Paint Brush, 3) Rubber Band {to stretch over the top middle of the open can of the paint in order to extract the excess paint from the brush...a Martha Stewart trick} 4) Painter's Tape, 5) Paint Mixer, & 6) Cloth {for spills & hand wiping}.

Lay out some old paper on a flat surface to protect the surface from the paint. Use the painter's tape to cover the areas you do not want to get painted.On our plaque I covered the black border.

I removed the top hook. I mixed my can of paint with the paint mixer. Then I started painting the back of the plaque & the sides first. It's up to you, & maybe I should have done it with this project, but you can sand the wood first. Wipe it with a damp cloth, let it dry, & then begin painting your item. Because of the dark wood & the light paint color I chose...I added multiple coats of paint, letting each coat dry before adding another.

I then went to the front of the plaque & started adding coats of paint in the same manner as the back. As a note I think it's best if your brush strokes are in the same direction.When the front paint was dry & had the desired coats of paint I wanted, I removed the painter's tape. I actually sanded the hook, before adding it back onto the plaque, to rid it of its dull "gold" sheen & make it silver.

This was the final result I placed next to our Christmas Wreath. It's a nice reminder that marriage while great, can be hard & requires effort on both parties' part...but well worth it!

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