31 December 2012

It's That Time of Year: New Year!!!

It's that time of year again...New Year! If you have not already been thinking about your resolutions, you may want to get on it, as the New Year is almost here. If you haven't thought of resolutions yet {or even if you have} I want to offer you a new way of thinking about the new year. Most people...including myself, always approach it in terms of getting rid of the things we don't want or like. For example, "I'll lose x amount of lbs." "I'll give up drinking soda." You get the idea. We go into the new year based on the premise that we don't like our life, & if we want more {life that is} we should subtract out of it. But I learned in math class if you want more, you should always add. Instead of going into 2013 thinking of ideas of how to make a bad life better by taking things away. How about we go into the new year thinking how to make a good life even more beautiful by adding too it. Missed resolutions I think prove it's easier to add then subtract. Positivity should yield better results then negativity. Therefore, my goals this year are to add to my already blessed life to make it more beautiful then it already is. This is how I'm going to do it.

1. Photograph my life everyday. This is my life folks {there will be no second chances}. I like it! More importantly I share it with some really great people! I want to document it more. So I can see it on the walls, on my refrigerator & in a photo album. I want to be reminded of this life & what I have as much as possible. The fact is, that someday I won't be here & some of the other great people who are a part of my world won't be here forever either. When they are gone I want to see their smiling faces in pictures. When I'm gone I want my friends & family to see first hand, a life well lived & blessed!

2. Serve/give more of me. I think I'm like most people. I surround my thoughts & actions with how to take care of me & my families' issues. This is a recipe for anxiety & stress. More importantly, it clouds my vision of what I believe deep down in my heart. There is a God who is for me. Loves me. & takes care of me. I don't need to be self absorbed. Because it's just plain unhealthy. To be healthier this 2013, I believe serving & giving more of me to people in need of an ear, encouragement, & assistance, whomever they may be, will add to my life & not take from it. As a wise old woman said: "Everyone can do SOMETHING."If I can listen, I can listen. If I can read, I can read. If I can work, I can work. If I can cook, I can cook. For anybody who truly needs it.

3. Create consistently. I love creating things. I love starting from nothing, creating it with my hands & then having a finished product. It makes my heart go bitter patter. I believe I deserve to do what I love, so I'll keep creating but on an even more consistent basis.

4. Say "Yes" to life. I have to say that this beautiful resolution was brought to me by the movie the Yes Man, with Jim Cary & and Zooey Deschanel. Extremes of the movie set aside, I've noticed as I've gotten older "No" is more in my vocabulary then "Yes." What I've also noticed as a result, is my experiences & opportunities have diminished as a result. So I'm saying "Yes" more in 2013 {with wisdom built in naturally}. I have a sneaking suspicion, this little resolution will make my life more beautiful beyond measure.

I encourage you make 4 resolutions that add to your life for 2013 to make your life even more beautiful than it already is. E-mail me & let me know what they are, or leave a comment. I think if we walk this journey together, we'll find at the end of the year we will meet with "unexpected success in common hours." -Thoreau

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