17 December 2012

Monday Morning Recipe

We're all in full holiday swing! I'm guessing that work {if you're not on vacation yet} is not really paramount on your mind these days...but getting everything done for the holidays is. It can be crazy this time of year! Parties. Gift giving. Family holiday coordination. Christmas or Hanukkah card mailing. Having the time & affording it all. Guess what? You can say "No" to holiday craziness! Not everything needs to get done, especially perfectly. Not everyone needs a expensive gift or one at all. Cards are great, but a one minute phone call is better. The term "Crazy," whether associated with the holidays, or a person...doesn't have the best connotation to it. So do yourself & your family a favor (yes, crazy has an impact on everyone around you), say "No" to crazy! Enjoy what you can give, happily & peacefully to the people you love. The Holidays are about joy! I've rarely seen joy in Crazy.

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