01 January 2013

Design-It-Yourself {DIY) Life: Creative Life Planning

The beginning of the year is here!! As you know this is the time to when we make plans & set goals. Plus, for some it's about new beginnings & moving into who you are in your wildest best dreams. I want you to succeed, as do I. Goals broken down into small doable pieces in writing, are more likely to succeed. I thought I'd share one of my 2013 idea plans. It's a tree. Each branch is broken down into a week, for 9 weeks, with task that moves me toward my goal. Each branch has a check off box {I like to check things off...it makes me feel accomplished}. Plus some branches offer me encouragement. Because we can easily talk ourselves out of good ideas based on fear. Toward the end of the 9 weeks, I'll reassess what worked with this plan & did not, then make another plan moving me forward toward my ultimate goal. Who said plans had to be just in straight boring lines on paper? Let me set you free, & let you know planning can be designed in any way that works for you!

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