27 January 2013

Green Kale, Orange & Strawberry Salad

I'm a big advocate of eating in season, mainly because that is when food tastes its best. Furthermore, you can probably get it closer to home, thus helping the planet at the same time. But, admittedly I'm caught. I want more greens in my diet. And after staring at myself in a mirror in ballet, wanting to eat well all of the sudden moves to the top of my priority list (until I see chips in salsa then it's an all out war between good & evil...evil in the quantities I eat chips & salsa...& guacamole). This salad is a great reminder of summer! Instead of a lettuce base, the super vegetable kale is the main star. "Yes," you can eat it raw. I've been told we need more greens in our diet. Or maybe that was just me!? You, try this anyway!!!  : )

Green Kale, Orange & Strawberry Salad


1 bunch organic Green Kale, chopped & hand torn
2 Oranges, peeled & chopped
1 pint Strawberries, tops cut off & quartered
1 cup Walnuts, whole or chopped
1/3 cup Feta  (optional)


In a large bowl place all the above ingredients and toss well. Best served with a Balsamic Vinaigrette or Italian dressing. Eat. Enjoy. Thank God for this recipe.

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