07 January 2013

Home & Work: Positive Passwords

I'm thoroughly back to work. Things are moving right ahead swiftly, despite the terrible head & chest cold I have had since last week. It put me under for a few days here & elsewhere. Nonetheless, we are positive as we gently glide into 2013. We should strategically place reminders of that positivity & our goals in places we can commonly see. That is why I love this tip. Change your computer & on-line passwords {you should do this periodically anyway to curb the chance of hacking} to affirmations or abbreviated messages that encourage you to keep going! For example:

SuperParent272!-to remind yourself you're a great parent,
5lbsdown*-to remind yourself of the weight you've already lost,
veggiE1day-to remind yourself to eat vegetables at one meal per day at least...
proMO!41513-to remind yourself you are gunning for a promotion by April 15, 2013.

You get the point. Be creative! Be kind this year & encourage yourself for once! You'll thank yourself when the months of 2013 roll by.

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