08 January 2013

Organizing Your On-Line Inspiration

I remember the time when AOL was the Internet "portal" assuming your dial-up worked. Which naturally lead anyone who was attempting to call you, to hear the annoyance of the busy signal. Just recently I heard a busy signal from my friend Karen's phone. Don't ask!!!  Now we're on-line all the time. There needs to be a way to organize the recipes, inspirations, fashion, craft projects & interviews we see. This is the way I do. I use Evernote for iPad app.

First I take an iPad picture(s) of the image I want...like the above Berry Jar Cakes. Then I crop the photos on my iPad. This isn't necessary. But I like to get rid of the miscellaneous heading that comes when I capture the photo. I then open Evernote & create a folder I want the image to be in. I then attach the image from my iPad photos into the Evernote folder. The above image & its recipe is in the Berry Recipes folder. It's such a great way to organize all the great things we view on the Internet! Plus Evernote can sync on all your devices so you can have your inspiration & instructions for anything, anywhere! Plus it's free up to a certain amount of storage each month!

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