03 February 2013

2013 Photo Project 365: Everyday Life

We've been around folks...we've been around. Tom's been mugging for the camera. We've been eating food at a new (not so new, we're just late) local eatery the Rye Deli. Finni got what I affectionately like to call his Ronald McDonald coat from his former mommy, my mother-in-law. Neither Tom of I have ever owned a dog that has needed a coat! Finni really needed one in our constant below 0 degree weather we've been experiencing much of lately. Then, there is little old me. Moving along, photo-ing, eating, crafting...and this picture after ballet-ing! And how can I forget Henri. He is so camera shy! Getting a decent image of him happens once in a blue moon. It must be all the formal modeling he used to do! Now, he just hates the camera. ; )  How is your 365 project going or maybe it's your 1 hour project!?

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