20 February 2013

Create Glass Food Storage Containers

Hubby has some serious complaints in the kitchen {I'm lucky enough to hear over & over & over & over again). He dislikes how small our refrigerator is & low to the ground the last shelf is & the crisper. It vexes him having to search in the back for food or finding food back there he did not know existed. Finally, he really gets displeased when food is wasted. Therefore, I attempt to keep food from settling in the back of the fridge (I can't so anything about the height right now). I put everything in clear glass jars so he can see what we have to eat. For years I have been upcycling my pasta sauce jars for this very purpose (you'd be stunned how many jars of pasta sauce this household has eaten based on the sheer volume of jars we have...heck it floors me!). I know I read somewhere, that a lot of food is wasted simply because it's put in containers that are not transparent. I couldn't tell you where I read that. But I did! Really, this idea has been so helpful in organizing our pantry (& quieting Hubby). When you have a bunch of glass jars, filled & all together, you feel superior to all, realizing they're just kitchen organizing hacks! I rarely fret over getting the past sauce labels off. If they don't come off easily in the beginning of use, I know through time & washing they fade away eventually. Next time you get a jar of pasta, save the jar & make them storage containers. Gosh...who knew I could talk so much about jars!

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