04 February 2013

Design-It-Yourself {DIY} Life: Pretty Paper Ballerinas

I've been crafting a lot, getting inspired & thinking about projects. I'm always attempting to create something new or build on an already existing idea. I've also been practicing my ballet a lot. I've fallen in love with the ballerina's again. "Again", meaning like when I was a little girl. This love got me inspired to create more children's crafts here on on the blog...or crafts for children at heart! Plus, I simply wanted an excuse to purchase more of, & use these great cupcake holders from Michael's.

This craft is great for ballet lovers of all ages...especially little girls (when I find little boy ballet templates I will be sure to do a follow-up because boys love ballet too. We don't discriminate!). I love the idea of letting your little one decorate the body of the ballerina to make it her own, that's why I left the paper ballerina's white for the blog. But trust me...I'll be decorating my own shortly. You can put these lovely paper dancers anywhere, in a container on a desk (like mine) or make a ballerina mobile to hang in a room! It's a fun project that your child (or ballerina) in your house would love to create or get. The best part, is it's easy!

Ballerina Templates from here (3 in all)
Cardstock (for the body)
Pretty Cupcake/Muffin Liners
Exacto Knife
Cutting Mat

Instructions: Print out the ballerina templates. Using your scissors, cut out the template. For the closer defined areas like the hands you may want to cut out the template using your exacto knife with your cutting mat underneath to protect your surface. Then take a cupcake liner, right side up and place a slit with your exacto knife in the middle of the cupcake liner from one edge of the flat round part to the other. Gently fold in half the top portion (arms & torso) of the ballerina. Place the cupcake liner right side down, over the ballerina's head and arms...like you are dressing her (DO NOT try to put the skirt on from the bottom up, the cupcake liner will rip). Unwrap the ballerina's torso and arms. Voila! You have pretty ballerinas with pretty tutus!

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