17 February 2013

Home Crafter's Dream: the Encyclopedia of Crafts

Here is my latest suggestion for your home. Please get tired of purchasing everything! It is much more interesting to have things in your home created by your children, your spouse, family members, & yes, You. If you don't know where to begin I would suggest with Martha Stewart: Encyclopedia of Crafts {I wonder if royalties from MSO will ever be in my future}. I love this book! It's a nice way to get your craft gene working {for the first time or again}. The pictures are beautiful (no shocker there). The instructions are clear {waiting for a surprise are you}. Crafts range from beginner level to "Hey, I don't do this for a living Martha, nor do I want to." Plus, there are templates galore. Now do what I do. If I'm not sure about purchasing a book, I first reserve it from the library. Then if I keep renewing it, and renewing it, then I know it's probably a must for my personal library. Then I purchase it. Considering I am on my 4th renewal of this book...I'm thinking it's time. Don't you? Go crafters! Go craft!!

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