10 February 2013

Salmon Cakes {the Easy Way}

Does this happen to you? You think about one meal...say lunch, & you think about the same options. Then it seems that there is no other options in the world for lunch, because you can't think of any others. Over here are Casa Walczak, our optionless meal is breakfast. We think two things: eggs & potatoes. If we're really creative we think, pancakes! Seriously!!! One day we were trying to conjure up a Sunday Brunch menu. I couldn't eat one more egg (although, I have to admit I could turn into a potato I eat so many & still love them). So I thought, why not fish. But I needed something relatively quick & easy, because I was really hungry. Then it came to me to eat our normal salmon cakes for breakfast. So here they are. This recipe happens to be full of Omega 3 (duh...it's salmon you're thinking) and....calcium! This is because this is canned wild salmon which will always have a few soft bones in it, that give us calcium. I learned that from my nutrition class!!!

Salmon Cakes {the Easy Way}
makes 10 small

1 can Wild Salmon (14.75 ounces), spinal bone removed
1 organic Brown Egg
10 Water Crackers, crumbled
1 tbsp Dijon Mustard, heaping
Olive Oil

In a bowl add the the first four ingredients. Using your hands (this is the fun part) mix it all together. From the mixture, make approximately 1 inch in diameter balls, gently flattening the top and bottom of the ball. Continue until you have used all the salmon mixture.

In a stove top skillet set to medium to medium-high heat, heat enough olive oil to fry the salmon cakes (remember this is not a deep fry you just want the bottom layer to fry...the heat will cook the inside of the cakes). Add the salmon cakes once the oil is hot. Fry each cake until each side is golden brown. 

Add each cooked salmon cake to a plate covered with a paper towels to soak up any excess oil. Serve HOT HOT HOT!!!!


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