13 March 2013

Casa Walczak: Our English Tea & How Someone Brought a Glazed Doughnut to the Party}

I watch a lot of Ms. Marple {& Midsomers Murders}. Murder set in England is fascinating to me. Probably because I'm American & in our murder stories the police always shoot the bad person. The murders are always set in some big city with lots of litter on the street. Not so with an English story. Anyway, when you watch Ms. Marple you are naturally exposed to tea time. Every civilized creature, even murders partake in the tradition at 5:00 pm sharp. Maybe in my feeble attempt to be English {although I would call myself a francophile if pressed, but maybe I'm an anglophile} I've instituted tea time here at the house. Or at least tried.

Quite often I forget it's 5:00 pm because I am engrossed in some work. But the concept is a work in progress. Now assuming that Ms. Marple's  production staff can correctly coordinate a full formal tea, there should be cake, scones, cookies, crumpets, honey and jam. Because I have dragged Hubby into my murderous fantasy (because who wants tea alone & I have no one to "call upon"-like my turn of the century reference}, I have made an allowance of biscotti for Hubby.

Now despite the presence of biscotti (which has nothing to do with tea time, but rather Italian breakfast time}, during our most current tea, Hubby brought a doughnut & his own plate. Not only do I take the time to get the food as authentic as I can during tea time, I too always bring out the English china I collect to set the mood. This particular day however, Hubby believed that a Restoration Hardware plate with a New Yorker cartoon on it, & a glazed doughnut was what the event called for. I shouldn't complain, he still had the tea, crumpet with jam, scone, & biscotti. Clearly he loves me, because sitting for tea is not this American man's idea of a good time. But Hubby & his doughnut reminded me, we're American pretending to be English. Therefore, maybe a doughnut is in order at times.

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