10 March 2013

How to begin Redecorating your Home's Interior

It can be daunting remodeling your home. I know this for a fact! Remember when I was missing in action last summer. It was all because of our complete home exterior remodel & the beginning of our landscape remodel (here). This year we'll be continuing the landscape remodel (which I am excited for, & so NOT excited about working on), & begin remodeling our home's interior. If there was one thing I wish I had done that I did not do last summer it is: have a vision & a plan!

I'm not much of a planner. I've run a successful business since 2005 with no business plan in site. My girlfriend Caren said about me & her, "If we found a bike & had no concept of what it was, we would look at a for a minute. Roll it for a second. Figure out we had to get on it, & ride." On the other hand, Caren's hubby & mine would inspect the bike for hours. See if there was a manual. Sit down. Read it. Think about it for days. Come back to the bike. Roll it around. Then maybe get on it! Unfortunately, what I learned is that when it comes to remodeling; Hubby's way of doing things is the best-that tasted like vinegar coming out! : )

Really, you need a bunch of interior pictures you like. They'll inspire you & get you to thinking. This is why I use Pinterest (among other reasons). Then what you notice is your pattern of likes. I had no idea that I really like white interior spaces but with strategically placed blocks of color & patterns (i.e. leading up to a stair case, inside a white book case, or a brightly colored door in a white room). I also had no idea I like blocks of family photos in one place. It sounds strange, I know. But if we look at too many Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware catalogues (don't get me wrong I really like both stores) we think their interior style is ours. A lot of times that is not true.

So let me distill down my advice to you to get STARTED.

  • Either on line or with tear sheets from magazines, compile all the interior design photos you see.
  • Find a pattern in your photos.
From here it will be easier to begin the planning, redecorating, & finishing. If you don't want to take my advice, don't worry, I'll take my advice. After last summer's hot laborious plan-less mess, I've learned my lesson!

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