27 March 2013

Inspiring read-Charlotte Moss': A Visual Life

I was soooo excited to finally get the email that this book, A Visual Life by Charlotte Moss was in & I could pick it up. If you are new to the blog or don't recall, before I shell out any money on a coffee table book I first order it from the library. I first saw this book at Barnes & Noble when it first came out. I sat down at the cafe with Hubby & started reading it. I knew instantly from her words & the visual appeal that I wanted to own this book. But first my library rule! Now if you are inspired visually or learn visually this is a perfect book for you.

Charlotte Moss, interior designer {& photographer & scrapbooker & stylist} extraordinaire will make you want to capture your life & inspirations more. This book makes you want to added visual thought in everything you do, including your home.

What is also wonderful about this book is through her own visual mementos of her life, you'll want to live more of your own. At least for me, I started to feel through this book that, not only are my surrounding important, but my life & my thoughts are important, & worth documenting more. That may sound odd from a blogger...who does nothing but document their thoughts. But sometime what we do, does not come to embody who we are until later. 

By the way it makes you want to create, create, create & collage, collage, collage!

Can you tell I liked the book? I can't recommend this book enough for your life's inspiration. The pictures are marvelous. It's decided. This a must buy for me. Here is a link if you want to get it yourself. 

What books do you find inspiring, that make you want to go out & just "do?!"

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