25 March 2013

My FaVorite Easter ideas & recipes

As you may start to notice a lot of things are and will be changing here at the blog. Things will be added. Ideas will no longer be pursued. Some things will experience a rebirth. That is exactly what spring & Easter are a rebirth. I looooove all the freshness, color & excitement that comes with this time of year & holiday. If you are not prepared for Easter this weekend...kind of like me {& I try so hard to be on top of things but we have to prioritize don't we}, here are some ideas you can mull over & do this week! 

1. Fancy cupcakes like this, or any cupcake is a nice Easter brunch dessert.

2. Chow mien egg baskets in chocolate with more chocolate. Stop! You had me at "Chocolate!"

3. It's called Never Fail Souffle because it...never fails {to work} {to please}!

4. For all you scrapbookers or wanna-be's this is a perfect Easter egg project

5. The prettier your Easter gathering, the more you'll love it!

6. This "muffin" Egg Souffle takes less time then scrambled eggs. I'm exaggerating, but they are pretty quick, easy & good!

7. Chocolate eggs + Easter "grass" + pastel box = the easiest & pretty Easter "basket" or gift

8. Personally I think Easter brunch screams these muffins. "MUFFINS!!!!!!!!"

9. Everyone & I mean EVERYONE loves an Easter egg hunt. Don't forget to have one in the back yard or the house. 

10. Don't forget to toast the day in style with these Lillet Rose cocktails.

What about you? What is your must have Easter idea or recipe?

photo credits at links if not produced by FaVorable Food

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