18 March 2013

Personal Labels: The Ones we Should Take on & the Others We Shouldn't

I purchase J.R. Watkins hand soap for Casa Walczak for three reasons, 1) I like the soap, 2) I like the fragrance, & 3) I like the label. Before, I even smelled the soap or tried it, what first attracted it to me was its label. Labels are pretty powerful stuff. This is why companies spend thousands of hours designing & refining labels. Whatever the label looks like something will be inclined to attract to it.

While I've been put a hiatus on the Monday Morning recipe {because we are only 2 1/2 months into the new year...we should not have lost our enthusiasm & drive yet}, I think this topic is a is a real motivator! Thank Joel Osteen for this one!

We live in a world where people put labels on us. Some of them are good...real ego boosters. Smart. Talented. Funny. Pretty. Capable. Creative.

Some labels people put on us are not so good. Untalented. Slow. Forgetful. Unimaginative. Stupid. Mean. C student. Clumsy.

Then we go on putting labels on ourselves. Sad fact is, that most often the labels that stick in our minds, the ones we start to believe, are the bad labels.

Like I said earlier, a label attract things & actions. We live up to the label we've adopted in our head. People inner act accordingly with us based on our labels. Depending on what our label is, that could really stink!

Here is an idea. Let's pick a new label if the ones we've got going in our head does not make us feel good, make us act like we really want to act, or have people react to us like we want them to react to us. If we want to be a "Queen" or a "King" then we need to start calling ourselves that {in our head...it may be a little strange if you say it out loud & we're not "technically" a Queen or  King}. For God's sake we'll start acting like one, walking like one, and talking like one. Everyone will else will act accordingly. If you don't believe me, watch any toddler on any given day dressed as Spider Man or a princess. They act the part, dress the part. They own the part! Everyone else acts accordingly...strangers & parents alike!

You see it's not the label people put on us. It's the labels we put on ourselves, & the one's we get to decide to respond to. So what labels would you like to own. Dancer? Worlds Most Organized Person? Giver? Uber Talented? Author? If you share your's, I'll share mine!

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