21 March 2013

The Reasons to Journal

I've been keeping a diary...I mean journal {it used to be a diary...ahhhem....years ago}. It really is great to have if you don't buy into the idea that you have to journal everyday. If you live by that rule, it becomes stressful. The last thing you want to do is open that book! Then you'll think that if you miss a day, then the following day you'll have to make up for it...plus that day. It just becomes a headache. I'm speaking from experience on this one.

Here are some "rules" & benefits to keeping a journal that you may want to consider...if you do keep a journal, thinking about getting back into it, or have never done it-but are considering it.

"Rules" to Keeping a Journal
1. Don't have any rules {except immediately below #2}. The less rules you have, the more you will journal.
2. Be honest & write how your personality is. I used to be afraid that someone would read my journal. I was also afraid that I wanted it to seem like some piece of great non-fiction just in case well after I'm gone a future descendant or a great archaeologist happens upon the "manuscript" of my life for study of my environment & culture. What???? That's what I said when I realized how imaginary that was. But even if it did happen...I'd want to be myself in my journal!

Benefits of Keeping a Journal
1. It's a great place to write down goals, thoughts, feelings, annoyances, what is happening in the world or your life. It's almost your own time capsule of sorts.
2. It's a great barometer of where you were & how far you have come.
3. It's also a great place to cut out pictures or draw things that inspire you, or that you are working toward. "Yes. You can do this in a journal." See one of mine above.
4. It's a nice record for family, friends & those descendants when you are gone {not to be morbid or anything}. But I would love to see my mother's diaries {"diaries" back then} when she was in her teens, 20's, 30's &c....! Wouldn't you?!

Downside of Keeping a Journal {the ONE}
1. It has a tendency to smack you in the face when you look at an old journal(s) entry & you realize you have not progressed as much, or at all, as you intended in a particular area! That is THE WORST. But even this negative can be a real motivation starter. Or it can start you running toward a Chocolate & Vanilla Sunday {with sprinkles, fudge & chocolate on top, some banana, & nuts}. But then after that...you're rare'in to go!

What have been your experiences with keeping a journal? Do you find them useful & cathartic like me?

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