22 March 2013

Weekend Recipe

Happy Weekend!!! I hope the weather this "Spring" cooperates better for you then it has for us. It has been cold here. But today, the weather got a little warmer...thus giving us hope that we are actually entering into a new warmer season. Weather or not this is what I have on the agenda this weekend...

  1. Ballet classes (with iced feet & possibly legs later on);
  2. Punch pizza with Hubby;
  3. I'll be on the radio here in town (yes actually on the radio-Sunday)!;
  4. Cooking;
  5. Pintrest-ing (as usual);
  6. Editing & taking photos for the blog, Facebook & my 365 day New Year Project;
  7. Some day job working;
  8. Facebook-ing (I'll be posting pics & inspiration there now that I finally got everything working & connecting properly); 
  9. Tasty Kitchen-ing (posting a new recipe); &
  10. Relaxing (somewhere in all of this)!
What are your plans this weekend?

original background photo source Santa Barbara Chic

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