20 March 2013

What Does Your Home Say About You

Does your home look like a tornado just ran through it? No? Well I'll just tell you our sad story here. It all began with our obsession with books. We had books EVERYWHERE. Not in some nice  House Beautiful format. No. We had them in real people, "we don't know what to do with all these books in a small house" format. Then one day {morning really} I was watching Nate Berkus. Is his show still on? He said your home's decor should reflect what is important to you. Have those things reflected throughout your home. Then I looked around Casa Walczak. I thought, "Books are important to us." Then I thought "Okay Nate Berkus I will!"

That's when I got strategic & inventive as to where we should put all our books. We have them everywhere {like I said above}. But they are more strategically placed: behind the sofa in front of a painting, on our side tables, coffee table, on our television armoire. What I dig about the concept is that books I had forgotten about are right in front of me. When people come over, they always wind up pursing our collection. And we always offer a loan {of a book that is, not money}. I think our decor was best summed up by a little boy on Halloween night. While he was at the front door his eyes caught one of our built in entry way book shelves. His eyes got big, & he said "Looooooooook at all the books!" I could have eaten him up!

So here is my advice. Okay it's Nate Berkus' advice.

1) What ever is important to you: books, family pictures, sea shells, unicorns...put them everywhere throughout your home. It would be so much greater if your family, friends & invited strangers saw what you were all about besides the Ballard Design catalogue.

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