26 March 2013

What's Working with Portfolio

As I'm writing this I'm listening to my favorite new band & song find from Sirius XM's Alternative Nation. The band fits so perfectly with this post. To find out who the band is you can go to our Facebook page {they will not disappoint!}. I am mildly obsessed with peoples' work spaces & how people live. I hate to admit, but when I'm walking the dogs & I see a house I like, I slow down & try to look in all the windows as long as possible to see how the person {or people} live. So far the term "stalker" has not been flung at me! When I come in contact with a work space...whatever it is, that isn't sterile & has some of the person or business's personality in it, I'm enthralled! I take notes for my own work space.

Today, we are at work with David Johnson, hair stylist,  who happens to own Portfolio. I've have been going to his retro like establishment since I was 16 years old!!! You heard me. 16!!! I'm a loyal customer. Every ounce of Portfolio reflects what David does, & his interests.

David is a huge jazz fan. I cannot remember a time when I have gone to Portfolio & jazz has not been playing on the record player.

David loves vinyl...albums. Remember? That reminds me. Many years ago during a family conversation I said "I used to own that album." My young cousins who were present, looked at me completely perplexed. One of them asked me, "What's an album?" Yahhhhhhhhhh!

Back to David. I don't even know if he owns a CD player. He certainly does not have one in Portfolio. He even collect & sells albums.

Besides listening to great music there are plenty of magazines to read while waiting or in the chair. I've always been lucky enough to get last month's to read at home. I should right? I've been going to portfolio since my teens. And I'm well out of my teens!

Thank you David for sharing your work space. If you're ever in Minneapolis or know someone who is, direct them to Portfolio on 28th!

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