16 April 2013

Casa Walczak: a day at the Dog Park

I thought I would share with you our most recent jaunt to the dog park. It was on the day the maids came to clean the house. It's imperative that we get the dogs out only because new people cause such excitement in the eyes of Henri & Finni they are able to distract otherwise unsuspecting people.

Here is Henri being a real retriever. Have stick? Will fetch it!

Here's Finni, being...well Finni. That's a stick? I'll run a little ways. Never reach the stick, & then sit.

Here's Henri exploring the terrain.

Here's Finni, possibly bored & ready to go home.

Notice anything? Usually the term "dog park" implies a dog's ability to mingle among other dogs & take commands on a moments notice, therefore making a leash unnecessary. Finni's on a leash. That's because the implication of a dog's behavior at a dog park does not apply to Finni. Poor Finni!

Here's my ability to take a self portrait of me & Hubby with the camera. I agree. Needs some work!

Here's Hubby's ability to take a self portrait. It's only better because he's taller & has longer arms. If I had my heels on that day I would have been taller, & my arms would have miraculously grown longer.

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