01 April 2013

Color Theory: White with Subtle Pastels

There is something about the beginning of spring. We know that soon tulips will be popping up, leaves will start coming back to the trees & color will eventually be the prevailing hue. But like now, the very beginning of spring...there may be some snow still on the ground {like here where I live}. It could still be a little brown. While color is on the horizon, we still have to wait for its full bloom. This is what today's color theory is all about. White is the base. Peaking out of it are the pastels if spring. I hope this color pallet inspires you this week & moving forward in everything you do. Happy Spring!!!

Photo images, clockwise from top left...Tinou Oiseaux Bird Poster; chocolate filled boxes & white dress, Martha Stewart Weddings; coasters from Ruche blog; babies room Sarah Braden photography for Adore Home magazine; bedroom, unknown; wild herb ravioli, Martha Stewart; citrus fruit, Ruche Blog; pale blue dress, Martha Stewart; and floral arrangement, The Green Vase.

collage: FaVorable Food

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